Did You Know That? - BrokenURL

Did You Know That?

Choice Save

You can save your choice to open certain URLs in a certain browser (with certain settings). Just check the "save choice" checkbox before selecting the browser and set up your preferred rules. On next open of an URL with these conditions, it will be opened in selected browser automatically, just like there is no any intermediate software which selects it.

Block Rules

You can teach BrokenURL to block URL calls in certain conditions. So no URLs fitting these rules will be opened at all. No ads and no spam. To add a block rule, check the "save choice" checkbox, then click outside of the window (like you do to cancel URL opening) and set up the blocking rules.

Filters Suppress

You can temporarily disable any open or block filters by holding Alt (or Shift) key while opening an URL (i.e. starting the BrokenURL).

Edit URL

You can edit the URL before opening. Just to remove trackers, markers and other identifiers. Use BrokenURL menu (called by menu button or right mouse button) and Edit URL command or just double-click on URL.


You can open an URL just from the clipboard (like browser's paste & go feature). To do so, you should create a shortcut which calls the BrokenURL with -paste command-line argument. For more convenience, you can set up a global hotkey for such shortcut (please refer to the OS shortcut creation instructions).


BrokenURL can reveal shortened URLs before opening. By this you will see exactly where it will take you - to your desired website or to scum website (Twitter and some others actively resist such reveal action. So use caution when opening shortened URLs which cannot be revealed).

Free and Safe

BrokenURL is a freeware. It is free from ads. It is free from any kind of tracking and telemetry (i.e. espionage). The only single request it can issue to the author's website - the version check. It is used to ensure that you're using the latest and the best version of the BrokenURL. Opened URLs are not logged in any way (with exception of filtering rules which can store parts of them).

Sorry, but we don't allow to completely disable the version check. But we think that once-per-century is rare enough to don't bother you. If you wish.


You can switch BrokenURL's main window (browser selection window) color theme from Settings window. In Windows 10 theme may be autodetected based on Windows system theme.

Custom Settings, Profiles and Many More

You can set up how exactly the browser will open the URL with explicit command-line arguments passed to it. BrokenURL already supports opening in private/incognito modes of the most popular browsers, as well as opening URL in a new browser window. For additional features you can alter the default command-line arguments for any open mode. If you use non-default browser profiles - you can set them up as well. So you could not only open URL in specific browser, but even in specific browser profile.

Losing Focus Protection

Some applications are trying to refocus itself after calling an URL (so-called "open browser in background"). This may hide BrokenURL's window behind such app or even close it. By default, BrokenURL actively resists such behavior and for a 0.5 seconds after it appears, BrokenURL's main window is immune to unfocus. So you will never lost opened URL (if it needs to be opened of course).

But many devs forget The Main Rule - any feature without off switch is a bug. And even if this feature is mandatory for such app, it still can be disabled from Settings window. If you wish.