Who we are?

Broken Event is small company (currently has one developer with countless helpers and advisors) focused on developing small apps covering new (or not popular) niches of life and development. Anything that is simple (or almost simple) but can greatly improve the comfort or efficiency of something is our target.

Why we're here?

Just because we can. The goal is the creation of applications that ease the life of someone. There is no interest in competition with large companies and with their solutions already proven itself. Much more interesting is to do something that can be very useful and what is not done before or bring something that already done to release quality and make available to the public.

Why these?

Sometimes we need to do certain thing. It can be done in different ways: if you are lucky, there is a ready solution, if not - you can combine it from several different. But sometimes such combinations are so weird or so complicated that it is almost impossible to use them. Our mission is to make each task have at least one complete solution and this makes our choice what to do.