BrokenURL 3.6k Installs

The BrokenURL is a Windows URL router. When something tries to open an URL, the BrokenURL will ask you whether to and in which exactly browser to open it. Also it allows you to open it in private tab of selected browser, without any cookies and any spy extensions - on your discretion.

Of course, it will not anyhow disturb the internal URL transitions within an opened browser. The browser can handle it by its own. But any URL opened from external apps (installers; uninstallers; even IM messagers like Skype and other similiar) are in control now.

Broken URL usechain

Core Features

  • "Open URL with" browser selection dialog.
  • Private tabs support for all browsers.
  • Presets for usual browser choices for different sites and URL source apps.
  • Shorteners support to reveal the original URL.


  • If you have a few internet browsers installed (and you do, as the MS Internet Explorer/Edge is preinstalled)...
  • If you use a few internet browsers for different cases...
  • If you tired of anything that tries to get you on its site...

So, if at least one of condition is about you, you should try the BrokenURL.

Other Features

  • Completely free.
  • No ads.
  • No telemetry.
  • No spying on which URLs are opening.

Setting the BrokenURL as default browser is required to make it work.