AntiFreeze.NET - the network connection monitoring and diagnostic tool. The main goal of the application is to permanently monitor network connection and issue notices when something go wrong. Any of the diagnostic tools can be launched by a few mouse clicks.

Why AntiFreeze.NET?

  • Monitoring
    Monitoring connection quality and traffic amounts.

    Ping Monitor and Traffic Monitor allows you to monitor the full scale of your connection quality and usage: speed, latency, loses (if any).

    All graphs are updated in real-time.

  • Statistics
    Connection quality and traffic amounts statistics.

    AntiFreeze.NET allows you to gather statistics of connection quality and used traffic amounts and displays it in convenient form.

    Exporting statistics in different formats, including HTML and XLSX (if Microsoft Excel is installed and activated), is also supported.

  • Diagnostics
    Broad range of connection diagnostic tools.

    AntiFreeze.NET carries a wide range of information and diagnostic tools to help find problems in the network.

  • Convenience
    Any tool can be accessed from system tray in a few clicks.

    Anything you want from AntiFreeze.NET can be easily accessed by a few mouse clicks. Any recognizable value (like IP address, hostname and etc.) can be in turn used for next actions by a single mouse click.


  • Connection quality monitoring and showing it graphs in real time.
  • Gathering statistics of network traffic and connection quality.
  • Fast and easy network information obtaining (DNS, UPnP devices and others).
  • Tray icon style interface which doesn’t clutter up your taskbar.

You can get a complete list of functions at the Functions section.

Start right now!

You can download free trial version right now. It provides full functionality of the application for 30 days.

But if you activate it - you'll get much more, namely:

  • Unlimited, unbounded operating time.
  • Free and fully automatic application updates with bug fixes and new features.
  • Extended support services.
  • No need for Internet connection to run.

Activation price: USD $16.95