The main goal of the Obfuscar Mapping Parser is parsing Obfuscar's output (original-obfuscated mapping files) and deobfuscationg stacktraces created from obfuscated applications.

Stacktrace processing

Main Features are:

  • Parsing Obfuscar mapping files.
  • Exploring and search in classes tree.
  • Deobfuscation of the stacktraces.
  • Analysis of items were missing in mapping and failed to deobfuscate.

Other Features

If your stacktrace is somehow broken (no parameters or results and so on), the Obfuscar Mapping Parser will try to substitute as much as it could. Even if obfuscated value was not added to mapping, the application will decode classname.

Another useful feature is PDB files. Microsoft Visual Studio stores there method-file mapping, so it is possible to get filename and line number for any method by its name. If you attach PDB file to Obfuscar Mapping Parser, it could open methods from items tree and Stacktrace analyzer in VS.

Known Problems

  • If your stacktrace contains method from derived class which overrides a method of the base class, it would not be deobfuscated correctly. Just because this method of this class doesn't appear in the mapping file. It appears for the base class, but not for the derived. And the Obfuscar Mapping Parser is no way to know that current class inherits the base.

Future Plans

  • Assembly and reflection support. This will allow to solve issues with inheritance and also may improve the quality of stacktrace deobfuscation.
  • To made something like Visual Studio plugin for Obfuscar Mapping Parser. This will allow to process stacktraces just from IDE.


This project is not connected with the original Obfuscar.
To get the original .NET obfuscation tool please follow here:
All copyrights to the "Obfuscar" name are reserved to its author.