BrokenWindow is designed to investigate all the properties of a window in Windows OS we can access. Everything which can be changed outside of the window and Windows Kernel is allowed to be changed within the app.

Some changes can even break the window's look or behavior and it is completely on user's own (so you are free to shoot your own leg).


  • Investigate/change common properties of a window (which were there since Windows 95 or even ealier)
    • States (minimized/maximied, enabled/disabled, etc.)
    • Name
    • Position/size
    • Layered window stuff
    • Etc.
  • Investigate/change DWM properties (since Windows Vista): non-client stuff, composition stuff.
  • Investigate/change style properties:
    • Window style (GWL_STYLE)
    • Window extended style (GWL_EXSTYLE)
    • Window class style (GCL_STYLE)
  • Post/Send window messages to a window. Including custom messages generated by RegisterWindowMessage.
  • Investigate parent-children window relationships.
  • Almost every thing in the app has its own help URL to MSDN so you could understand what exactly you are doing.